Titus Family


Social Security Deaths

Social Security Death Index

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This SOCIAL SECURITY INDEX section provides a list of Titus names with their dates of birth, dates of death, state of issuance, and location at the time of death.

When I Quit

When I quit this mortal shore
and mosey ‘round this earth no more,
Don’t weep, don’t sigh,
don’t grieve, don’t sob.
I may have struck a better job.

Don’t go and buy a large bouquet
for which you’ll find it hard to pay.
Don’t hang ‘round me looking blue;
I may be better off than you.

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Don’t tell the folks I was a saint,
or anything you know I ain’t.
If you have stuff like that to spread,
please send it out before I’m dead.

If you have roses, bless your soul.
Just pin one on my button hole;
But do it when I’m at my best,
Instead of when I’m safe at rest.

Author unknown