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German Index

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Peter Titus was born in 1715 and emigrated from Germany with his three brothers and settled on Staten Island, New York City, NY before 1768 (William B. Moore record says 1739). He moved to Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA a few years later. He married Mary Williams either before leaving Germany or soon after (William B. Moore says 1742).

His grandson, Jonathan, born on May 27, 1772, was the founder of Titusville, Crawford Co., PA.

BREAKING NEWS! October 25, 2016.

We have just received results of a YDNA test done for a member of the "German" Titus line. The results have determined that he has a genetic distance of one from the modal set of 67 Ydna markers of those of the Dutch line. This means that there is a common lineage of both lines dating back before the Dutch Titus Syrach de Vries emigrated to New York.

To determine exactly when the two lineages converge will require further research of the lines in Europe 400 years ago. This will be very difficult due to scarcity of records in that era and location.