Titus Family


1810 US Census

1810 United States Census

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The following transcription of the Titus references in the 1810 United States Federal Census was produced from microfilm images copied from the US National Archives and Records Administration, microfilm number M252 (71 rolls). 1810 images and index were provided by Ancestry.com. This census was the third enumeration produced in the United States. Enumerators were asked to include the following information in their reports:

1. The name of the head of the household.

2. The number of free white males and females in age categories: under 10; 10 to 15; 16 to 25, 26 to 44; and 45 and older.

3. The number of other free persons, except Indians not taxed.

4. The number of slaves.

5. The town, district and county of residence.

The official enumeration day for the 1810 census was August 6, 1810. The enumeration was intended to be completed by nine months, but was subsequently extended by law to ten months. Schedules survive for 16 states as follows:

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New Hampshire
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina

There are, however, district-wide losses in some schedules, including those for District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois Territory, Indiana Territory, Louisiana Territory, Mississippi Territory, New Jersey, Tennessee and Ohio.

Titus families were enumerated in twelve of the above states, as follows:
State    # of Families  # of Individuals

CT      11      55
KY      7      35
MA      15      86
MD      2      4
ME      5      28
NC      1      8
NH      7      49
NY      98      502
PA      22      133
RI       1      5
VA      6      34
VT      12      85

Totals     187     1024


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